Social Media vs My Anxiety and Depression

Social media can be so overwhelming at times. So much information, so many opinions, and so many times I have felt personally attacked by a post or memes or tweet from a random stranger that was not even directed at me.

This is why the experts say to take breaks and limit your use. After a while, you can consume so much that it’s easy to lose sight of what you believe. And I should know. There are times that I have fallen so far down the rabbit hole that I started to believe others thoughts and opinions as my own, without doing the research and formulating my own. And this has done nothing but leave me confused, anxious and stressed out. Not only that, but it also adds to the fear of missing out. If I don’t check this page or follow this news outlet then I might or will miss out on some important event. Like Dorianne seriously? In the age of reruns, why am I so worried about missing out. What I don’t realise is that by spending so much time in the rabbit hole I miss out on what’s truly important. Actual reality.

My depression can not take negative news. My anxiety cannot take fear-mongering. My self-esteem cannot take the highlight reels of others lives. I need to limit my usage and take time to research and just enjoy reality and being me.

Social media isn’t all bad, but just make sure it caters for your specific needs.

If someone you follow makes you feel bad and helps comparison to steal your joy, unfollow. Replace them with people who match your morals and ideals and goals. Remember, your network is your net worth.

For news, choose legitimate news outlets that you trust and even then put them on a time limit too. Only use credible sources for research. And if you like rabbit holing as I do, set a timer. When it goes off, so do you.

Life is too short. Make every day, progress.

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