Dear Diary: What A Week!

Nothing when according to plan this week. First, the unsettling news that my sister was exposed to the virus. Her first test came back negative, but because she among others were in direct contact with the person they have to do a second test in a few days.

In the midst of this, I was cleared by my doctor to receive the vaccine. The few I told were surprised that I qualified, but I fall under two categories, front line worker and person living with a chronic illness. So either way, I would have been in the first or second round.

Then the government dropped a couple more bombs. One the lockdown would be extended until the end of the month, and two, weekend curfew. Meaning from 7 pm Friday until 6 am Monday, you are not to leave home unless you are an essential worker, have an appointment to receive the vaccine, or have a medical emergency.

So what do I do now? I had hoped to be back at my desk by now plugging away at my endless reports and catching up on my reading so that that I could do a few book reviews. But again I made plans and God was like naaahhhhhh.

In a sense, it worked out. I am home to provide emotional support for my sister, plus the side effects of the vaccine are no joke. I felt like the flu train had run over me at full speed. I experienced a week of the flu literally in 24hrs. By day two I was feeling significantly better, just a mild headache and sore arm and I could eat.

Side note: Please understand, my intent is not to scare anyone. Everyone reacts differently, some will experience mild to moderate side effects, some will experience none. I am not a doctor, but I do recommend speaking with your doctor before making your decision. If you are anti-vaccine, while I may not agree, I respect your decision and ask that you respect mine or just exit stage left.

This post is not flowing, but to be honest, I just wanted to get these thoughts out, and until I can see my psychiatrist face to face again, I just wanted an outlet. Yes, she offered online sessions, but I don’t like them. Her office is my safe space if that makes sense.

So for the rest of the month no plans. Just go with the flow. Trust God and remember that every day, progress.

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