Dear Diary: Annoyed and Messy and Lost. Oh My!

Nothing is worse than being trapped in your mind with your anxiety-riddled thoughts. Except maybe when people can’t seem to accept that sometimes you just do not want to talk and to stop asking or worse assuming that they know how you’re feeling and they know how to fix it.

Yes, I hate being trapped in my mind, but I also hate feeling pressured to share when I have made it clear I have no desire to share that part of my life with you.

Yes, I am being an ungrateful cow, but I just want to be able to process on my own first. If I need help I will ask.

I hate that I lash out at people who are just trying to help. But sometimes, helping means just leaving me be until I’m ready. I just want you to understand that. Stop thinking that you are so smart and you know best. You don’t.

I am such a mess today. It’s no wonder my attempts at friendships never last.

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