Blogmas Day 24: Almost At The Finish Line

Work is crazy, traffic is crazy, I’m exhausted. I am sick and tired of this madness. Long lines, traffic and no matter how much you plan and prepare, you still get caught up in all the insanity that is holiday preparations.

Which is crazy because it is only one day. Yes I know Jesus is the reason for the season, but quite frankly I wonder how many not us truly understand that fact?

I am slowly but surely morphing into the Grinch before his heart grew three sizes. I think he was right. Christmas cannot be found in packages and bags tied with ribbon and bows.

All of the health protocols designed to keep us safe are making what is already a low and tedious process even more stressful. Then after all of the hard work at home and in the office, I am expected to make merry with family and friends when all I crave is my bed and a dark room.

It’s one more sleep till Christmas.

I know this post is dark and dreary, I can’t help how I am feeling right now. I just pray that to whoever reads this you find some joy on Christmas day or maybe just some peace.

This has been an incredible challenge for me writing every day. Even now I am sitting in a parking lot waiting for my sister, and tapping away on my phone. I just wanted to say thank you for joining me.

It’s Christmas Eve.

Until the final post, Happy Blogmas!

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