Blogmas Day 18: Change and Growth

To piggyback off yesterday’s post, while it is important to just be myself, I think part of that means not being afraid of growth and change.

Things are always changing, it is the only constant in life, and yet we fear it, the unknown that comes with change. Part of growth is learning that change may not always be in my favour, but it is necessary.

For a long time, I have not felt like things were right in my life. I finally got the guy of dreams, I finally got a normal shift at work and I work practically unsupervised and I finally made a new friend. However, with all these alignments, I have felt a change in my spirit, my gut, that something was and is wrong and that something may mean losing the guy I have always wanted.

I am trying not to overthink it or act too rashly, because I don’t want to confuse gut instinct with depressive behaviour, but I know if I don’t make a change, the universe will make it for me.

Change it comes eventually, and when it does I will embrace it, whether it brings joy or pain, and if it’s pain, through pain comes growth.

Until next post, Happy Blogmas!

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