Blogmas Day 17: Just The Way You Are

I cannot believe Christmas is a week away. Where has the month gone?

This month, this year has truly been one for the record books. The world will never be the same again, and yet I am not focused on the world so much as I am focused on myself. I have fallen in and out of love. I have learned that I am my biggest enemy. I have learned that I say “I” a lot.

I met with someone last night who I hope will become a good friend, and realised that I really have not been acting like me, who I am, in ages. I have literally been watering my personality down just so others can handle me, and that shouldn’t be.

Being comfortable enough to be one’s self is way more important because when you trap yourself in your mind you become stifled and will find yourself acting out in ways that are completely out of character.

This has been me for a long while now. Trying to quietly conform and instead, I end up feeling like crap, disingenuous and butt hurt that no one truly likes me, when the real me makes a rare appearance. After all, what did I expect?

I guess I say all of this to say, being yourself is hard but worth it, because no one else has to live your life. You do. And I do. And my dumbass needs to and will learn to be herself.

Until next post, Happy Blogmas!

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