Blogmas Day 14: Dumbass Anxiety

Laying in bed worrying over dumbass things. Does he love me? Does he want his freedom? Am I being too clingy and needy?

Why do I want attention so badly? Why do I feel so inferior to everyone else? Why am I afraid to speak up? Why do vent to people then feel like I’m being an inconvenience and clam up and say nothing?

Why do I think people are only nice to me when they want something? Why doesn’t anyone like me? Is it because I tell them I don’t like them so they leave me alone? I say bark at you before you can bark at me?

Why am I in a house full of people yet I feel so alone? Why do I tell my best friend anything? Why do I talk to people? If deleted all of my social media no one would miss me.

Why am I so messed up? Why can’t I just be normal? Why can’t I love myself and stop caring what others think? Why won’t my brain turn off and let me rest? Not just sleep but get actual rest? Please? I need a break. Please? Just a break…

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