Blogmas Day 13: Top Ten Christmas Movies & TV Series Holiday Specials

For today’s post, I just wanted to share some of the movies and television specials, that I enjoy watching during the holiday season. I am usually drunk or at the least tipsy when watching, since a few of them bring back memories of Christmas past.

This year I am challenging myself to watch them and feel every emotion. I want to break the cycle of numbing the pain. It is time to move another step forward.

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

2. Charlie Brown Christmas Special

3. Any Married with Children Christmas Episode

4. Home Alone 2

5. Lethal Weapon

6. Die Hard

7. The Muppets Christmas Carol

8. A Mom For Christmas

9. Sesame Street Christmas Special (The OG one where even Oscar helped find Big Bird)

10. Unlikely Angel

This clip is actually from Kenny and Dolly’s Christmas special. Consider my number 10 pick, a two for one.Until

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