Blogmas Day 6: Ten Things I Like About Christmas

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  1. Christmas Lunch/Dinner, mainly because I have the whole turkey to myself, since I am the only member of my family apart from my grandfather who loves it.
  2. Being a Grinch, ie before his heart grew three sizes. Yes I am that person.
  3. Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers and Nat King Cole Christmas carols. It is not a Caribbean Christmas without them.
  4. Watching the movie, A Mom for Christmas. Again, a big tradition even though I cry like a baby.
  5. All the specials on candy and chocolate.
  6. Lethal Weapon marathons.
  7. Die Hard marathons.
  8. I do not believe that December 25th is the correct date of Jesus’s birth, but he is the reason for the season and doing my best to give thanks for him and God, even though we have warred a lot in recent years.
  9. Finding the perfect gifts for my nieces and nephews. I am not the best auntie but I love them and like to find ways to put smiles on their faces.
  10. My mother. She’s no longer here, and I have not done my best to honour her memory or love for the holiday, but every year I will bring myself one step closer to doing so or her and for me. I love you Mom.

Until next post, Happy Blogmas!

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