Blogmas Day 5: Book Review

No Copyright Intended

“In this dramatic comedy, Parks and Recreation and Good Girls star Retta brings humour and strength to her role as the unforgettable Tinaca Jones”

Need I say more?

This book is no more than 2hr and 2mins, but wow what a listen. Retta was amazing!!! I was laughing so much at work, I almost got a reprimand from management, but hey I got my work done right?

Tinaca, as read by Retta, had her name unceremoniously shoplifted from her while at her work as a cashier by Kelly Smith, who then uses the name to get her fifteen minutes of fame. She is recounting her story, to an FBI agent of all people, and her tale kept both me and the agent on the edge of our seats. Now I must warn you, strong language is used, but oweee it helps to get some of the points across, so not safe for work or young ears. Granted, I can get away with my antics on the job sometimes, but do not push your luck. Headphones would be a good idea. I thoroughly enjoyed this from beginning to end and just writing about it makes me want to listen again, and to be honest, if ever it optioned to be a movie I would definitely be first in line.

Until next time Happy Reading and Happy Blogmas.

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