Blogmas Day 3: Mindset, Do I Have It Yet?

Your mindset is very important.

I have been listening to podcasts a lot lately and the hosts and guests often speak about how important it is, and what they say is true with regards to how I approach things like dealing with my mental health, physical health and financial health. I have all the knowledge and tools to do well and succeded in these areas, however, I have not acquired the mindset required to execute. I always fail because I do not take time out to focus or even get back up when I fall and that in itself is my greatest downfall.

Hopefully, with time and effort, I will learn to let go and move on and finally face my issues head-on. Fear really can be a pain at times.

So far I have been trying my darndest not to run from the Christmas carols or from my happy memories of Christmas past. Also, with regards to the seasonal depression, I have been trying my own version of light therapy. since I now primarily work in an office for most of the day, I try to schedule at least two 10 to 15-minute breaks to go outside and just sit or walk around in the sunlight. Some days it helps, so I will keep monitoring it to see how it goes, fingers crossed.

View from the rooftop of the building.

Until next post, Happy Blogmas!

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