Slow and Steady, but Haphazardly

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This month was a crazy ride for me. I barely exercised the first two weeks, but I managed to turn it around a bit or the latter two weeks of the month. My diet was not the best, mainly due to the emotional roller coaster I have been on and that’s on me.

However, I did manage to lose two pounds this month and rather than focus on the numbers on the scale, I instead chose to work on getting my mental focus under some control and just do what felt good.

With the recent updates to the google fit app, I was better able to monitor my habits and changed my goal from working out every other day to instead meeting the recommended 150 Heart points per week for the last two weeks. The first week I did 163 heart points, and for the week ending yesterday, I accumulated 193 heart points. I simply found some walking at home videos on YouTube and any time I had a spare 15 minutes before or after work, I would do a video. The weather is still a little too unpredictable for me to try walking outdoors, and honestly my anxiety is still a little iffy where that is concerned as well, so baby steps.

The biggest surprise this month is how much I have been worrying over things I have no control over, instead of choosing to be happy and just trust the process. I did not realise how far off the path I had strayed over the last 14 years. I know Rome was not built in a day, and I still have a long ways to go, and I will trip along the way, but all I need to do is have faith, trust God, and trust the process.

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