Blogmas Attempt Number Two

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Hey All!

I shall be attempting to complete Blogmas again this season. Admittedly, It probably won’t be the usual Christmas themed posts that others are known for as mine will probably be a mixture of Christmas, my usual thoughts and ramblings, hopefully, the odd book review and whatever comes to mind on any given day.

Now this year has been tough for everyone and I am not exempt. My depression and anxiety have been far worse than in recent years, and this fall/winter season has seen a slightly more serious case of depression for me. Most would say I have SAD or Seasonal Depression, and I suspect that to be true in some cases, but until I give in and find a new therapist, I will be pretty much battling this one on my own, with some help from a trusted few in my circle.

To anyone reading this who understands even an inkling of what I am writing if you can get professional help or seek out any free resources in your area. You do not have to do this alone.

So until tomorrow, Happy Blogmas everyone!

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