Blast from the Past

I saw him. A few minutes ago.

I had no real reason to leave the office today. I just wanted a break from one of my managers, so I created a work excuse to leave.

As I was parking my car at the bank I looked up and saw his vehicle. I hoped he wasn’t in the section I had to go to and so I put on my mask hoping it would shield my face, but it didn’t work.

Just as I was about to enter he walked out and blocked my path. He had spotted me way before I did him it seems. And he did not look happy.

The fact that I was wearing my uniform and surrounded by witnesses, was the only reason I was barely able to be courteous.

And so I find myself sitting awaiting my turn in line, chest tight, fighting hard to appear calm on the surface.

The face of my …. still not quite sure what to call him, abuser is too harsh and old lover is too kind. The face of one of my past mistakes is best I guess…

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