I have not been happy for a long time now. I keep telling myself it is just a blip and I will bounce back, but the fact of the matter is, I am not bouncing back. I am sinking further and further back into the depression quicksand.

This sucks.

So I have decided to make a change, or rather a series of small changes. All or nothing is not going to work for me anymore. I need to start small and not beat myself up every time I have a setback. So officially starting September 1st. I will endeavor to make one small change everyday and create healthy habits with the aim to just feel better.

Mainly I will be making small manageable changes to my food intake, morning routine, and activity levels. Rome was not built in a day. Slow and steady and methodical wins the race.

Wish me luck, and good luck to every and any one who is looking to start over. Remember to always do what is best for you.

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