The Quarantine 15: Too Much Yummy in My Tummy

The lockdown weight gain is real. I added 15 pounds to my already overweight frame and I have been struggling to lose it. I can feel it weighing on my body heavily. I feel sluggish, lazy, unmotivated and my back and joints ache. My uniform is quickly becoming ill-fitting.

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I have even stopped wearing makeup, what little I wore, to begin with, and worst of all I dread meeting customers. Especially ones I have a good relationship with over the phone and via emails, because I fear my appearance will be a poor reflection of my online personality.

Shopping is becoming a total nightmare because I have gone up multiple sizes and my brain hasn’t accepted that fact so I buying things too small. I need a plan of action and the willpower to stick to it.

I know when I am healthier I feel better physically and mentally. I just need to get over the fear and anxiety of doing what I need to do and being judged for it, and just do it.

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