Introvert or Rude?

One would think after knowing me all my life, my sister would understand who I am by now. I have nothing against my sister having guests over. I would just like some forewarning of their arrival.

I know that most would perceive my staying in my room for the duration of their visit as rude, and admittedly at times I am being just that, but mostly I have no desire to expend what little energy I have left at the end of the day on being pleasant and engaging in meaningless small talk with people I have nothing in common with and that I was not prepared to have to even entertain.

Funny, even as I type this I can see the rudeness in my words, but quite frankly I really don’t have the energy to care or to even try explaining myself to any of them, least of all my sister. I have given up trying to explain to her how I feel about it. I still don’t think she fully grasps how mental illness works.

Most on this island still think of it as a farce or weakness. Makes it easy to withdraw into my mind every day. A dangerous place to be my mind. Very dangerous indeed.

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