The New Normal

I started this a few months back but never got around to posting it. So in an effort to start clearing out the countless drafts I have saved, I present the rough cut of my first experience of work post lockdown.

Photo by Marcos Araujo on

So it’s a partial back to work for me. Leaving the safety and comfort of my home a few weeks earlier than planned has been anxiety filled to say the least.

Conducting business in this new world of rules and social distancing is taking quite a bit of adjustment.

Part of my work involves doing deliveries and messenger work. For the majority of the week I have been stuck behind a desk in a very empty quiet office wading my way through months of paperwork, but there have been a few occasions where I had to leave to make deliveries.

I find my self today standing in a long line waiting my turn to enter a building. Before Covid19 I would have been seated inside in the comfortable air conditioning, but now the number of people inside is limited to allow adequate room for people to social distance from other customers and employees.

It is made even more unbearable by having a mask in this stifling humidity. I honestly thought my anxiety would be through the roof by this point, but it’s only half way there. I think I might actually come to enjoy people not wanting to stand too close to me in line as that was always a pet peeve of mine. Welcome to The New Normal.

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