I have spent the last few days slowing purging this guy from my system. Okay that’s a bit dramatic, but still, after all the hot and cold I just find myself over this whole game, because that is what it has become, a game.

After days of minimal contact, he starts a conversation with a sexual meme, and then proceeds to diss horror movies. People like different movies genres and that’s okay, but I just do not feel like entertaining any conversation with him, nor do I feel like confronting him about it like an adult. I have already told that he is free to be himself and do whatever makes him happy and I am cool just being friends.

I just don’t want to play cat and mouse anymore at this point in my life.

He’s a great guy no doubt, smart, well traveled and a foodie, but I am not going to chase after someone who shows little to no interest.

I am officially unimpressed.

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