Rainy Days and No Lays

The rain is falling today. Outside is blessedly cool after almost a week of 31C weather, and as usual I am laying in bed wondering why I even bother with men.

Photo by Dids on Pexels.com

I got a text this morning, looked like I was being asked out on a second date, but I told myself not to get too excited. Turns out I was right, because after him pussyfooting around the topic I asked should I hope to see him, or just stock up on snacks and binge watch television in bed alone all day. He said I should do the latter because he hasn’t left his bed all day.

Now while I sympathize with his introversion, hell I am too, I do know that when someone is important to me or if I really want to spend time with them I do it. So the fact that he would rather stay in bed than come spend time with me feels like he likes me but I am still very much an option at this point.

Granted this would only have been a second date so I should not be expecting to be much more, but we have been texting for months, and he even admitted that after the first date our vibe was just amazing. Taking things slow is important however I can’t help but feel hot and cold with him and it is becoming frustrating.

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