Dating Sucks? Nah It’s Just Me

Relationships are without a doubt one of the hardest things for me because I genuinely have no clue what I am doing half the time, and to be honest I sometimes think maybe I should just leave dating alone and just try to be single.

I went out with a guy today and I kept bringing up work, which is funny since we are both still out of work for now due to COVID 19, and when he said that I talk about work a lot, I replied I must miss it and just laughed it off. Honestly, I just did not want to admit that without work, I do not have much of a life. No hobbies, few friends, nothing, and that’s just sad.

My best friend told me that I am not a social person and that’s okay, but regardless of whether or not I am antisocial, I should have some hobbies and life experiences. I do not want to feel down for being so behind in life, I just want to know when did I stop living? When did I stop caring? I ask these questions over and over again and maybe, just maybe this might be why I suck at relationships. I bring practically nothing to the table.

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