COVID19 Diary: Lipsticks, Lip Glosses and Chapstick Oh My!!!

I love makeup. Honestly I do. I just don’t wear a full face of it often. As a thirty something tomboyish woman, Makeup has been both a weapon and a thorn in my side.

I wear some form of makeup every time I leave the house. Most days it’s just lip gloss. Some days I’ll add a little mascara and eye shadow. Catch me on a good day and I might even sculpt my brows.

But I have found, this past year especially, that I no longer feel the need to follow, attempt to learn or understand every single make up trend. I know what I like, what I am comfortable with and if I don’t want to wear it, I don’t.

Now the thing that irks me the most however, is when family, friends or coworkers act surprised when I wear noticeable makeup. Usually it comes attached with “I never thought you were into makeup”, or “you are so mannish why this today”. I have to literally fight the urge to laugh because there were days when I wore a full natural look and nobody noticed, but add a little pop of colour and they all lose it.

It is stupid, at least to me, how many people in society still attach makeup to femininity. Just because my style and personality leans more towards tomboy or masculine, does not make me any less female or prone to things soft and ladylike.

While #stayingsafeathome, I decided to de-clutter my makeup and nail polishes. I did not have much face product to toss, but lip products were a whole different story. I have whittled my collection down to about thirty and I have earmarked nine to wear while hope in the hopes to finally finish them and make some much needed space on my small makeup stand.

Mostly drugstore or beauty supply brands that I bought on a whim. Time to use them or lose them.

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