COVID19 Diary: Boredom Level 10

Nail polish collection

The boredom is real. Decided to pull out my nail polishes and paint every single fingernail a different colour.

My choices. Top row left hand and bottom row right hand.

I buy nail polish but rarely paint my nails unless it’s a special occasion or suddenly remember I have them.

My job is not easy on normal nail polishes and honestly, I do not have the courage or patience to go to a nail salon and have them professionally done.

My anxiety is also the reason I avoid hair salons. My silence makes the stylists uncomfortable. The femininity of a salon makes me uncomfortable. I don’t have much in common with girly or feminine women.

Maybe it’s who I am, maybe it’s my low self esteem. I don’t know. Maybe it’s me just trying to save money by doing it myself. Who knows…

But today, home alone with my thoughts, I’m just going to paint my nails and just be still and hopefully a little less bored.

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