Fear and Panic

In the short space of ten days my small island home and been gripped in a tidal wave of fear and panic. Coronavirus has turned our home and the world upside down. So far our reported cases have been few, 24 at last count, but that 24 is enough for the government to place us under curfew from tomorrow night.

So now I find myself at the pharmacy, waiting to pick up my two month supply of medication as per government orders.

There is more than enough room inside for every one to sit as per social distancing but one lady is standing outside and not coming until her name is called. She prefers the sun to being in here.

A lady just walked in, she says the reason she is wearing her mask is she an asthmatic and if she gets it she will die. I’m an asthmatic too. It’s why I’m here. However, I can’t let the fear sink into me further than it already has. I’ve barely been keeping my panic attacks at bay. Barely sleeping, forcing myself to eat and drink.

That is how scary this feels right now.

Even when I try to keep away from the news this thing,this underlying sense of fear and worry and panic is everywhere.

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