Book Review: Sorta

So it’s time to hop back on the book review train, except this time I can’t really talk about the book or fully review it because it hasn’t been published yet. It’s actually due to be published later this month and I am one of the lucky readers, if that’s the correct word I’m looking for, who’s getting a chance to read the book before it’s release date. I can submit any ideas or exchanges I think that it might be need, my opinions anything basically to the author before she publishes.

I actually found out about it through an email she sent out because I follow her social media and blog. I really admire her and I really think this is a really good opportunity for me to learn not only from her, but to really see what I can do when it comes to reviewing books.

Honestly I’m not the best, I think the last few months is the first time I ever really consistently tried to blog anything or review anything. My writing skills to me, I have found to be somewhat lacking. I need to find my own personal style. I’m only doing posts to try to be more consistent but consistency is not exactly my forte. I need to find the focus and discipline to get a schedule, and all these are things that I have not really done in an extremely long time.

What I can say about her book so far, is that it describes the difference between losing physical weight and actually losing the physical weight and the emotional weight that we as women (and men) carry. Sometimes it can be very much self-inflicted.

I have submitted my final thoughts and I’m currently rereading it. It has a very modern realistic feel to it, not someone trying to be a posh and perfect, she’s just following her heart and writing from her experiences on her journey.

I should note at this time she’s not a licensed doctor or nutritionist or anything like that she’s just someone sharing her experience with weight loss and the struggles that come with weight loss. When I have more information I’ll be glad to share it.

For now if anyone has any recommendations on books I should read after hers, I will be grateful.

If anyone is interested in finding more about the author and her blog here is a link to her website

That’s about it for now.

Until next time, Happy Reading!

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