Laugh Out Loud, Pretty Sure Someone Will Complain to HR

This audio book was nonstop laughs from start to end. Point. Blank. Period. I do not know how to even begin reviewing this except to say, I laughed so much at work, while listening, I am pretty sure people think I am crazy or will complain for my giggles breaking the silence in the office every few minutes.

To be fair, everyone at work knows I love to read, but I simply could not control my reactions to this book sometimes. It made me think that I seriously need to reconsider my listening choices while on the job.

Heidi Larsen, the heroine, takes the reader on her journey to self growth and learning to become a more confident woman, especially where her sexy neighbour is concerned. She drunkenly starts a podcast to help herself, and reads steamy erotica, thinking no one will listen. Boy, was she wrong.

Now I don’t want to give too much of the story away, except if romantic comedies are your thing, with a dash of dirty thrown in, you will definitely enjoy this listen. Just be sure to wear earphones at work, and mind your volume while driving, because when her mother mentioned accidentally burning her dad’s penis with too hot melted chocolate, I got some weird looks from the guy stuck in traffic next to me. Poor guy probably couldn’t figure out if I was laughing at the book or his reaction.

All in all, I without a doubt enjoyed this book and it gave me the mood lift I needed. I have no idea what audio book I will tackle next, but I look forward to the search.

Happy Reading!

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