Thank Goodness for Earphones

Thank Goodness for Earphones

My return to work from a much needed vacation was a less than happy feeling for me. I do not hate my job, I just was not ready to let go of my freedom and my bed. Hello anxiety, my old friend. Yes, I am an adult who still gets first day jitters.

I was greeted by backed up paperwork a mile high, and a sixteen hour work day. And so once again it was my earphones, music and of course a good audio book to help keep me focused and on track with my work.

However, my choice in book may not have been the best choice for work.

A Good Student

The Story of a Professor’s Erotic Seduction of a Student Into a BDSM Affair, Spanking, Bondage, and Passionate Sex Lead to Enduring Love. By: Elliot Mabeuse

It was a very interesting listen. The performance could have been a tad better, but the mental images created by the author? Let’s just say I am happy no one asked what I was listening to or even noticed, at least hopefully, my constant smiling and I’ll admit the odd squirms in my chair.

This is not safe for work, or listening to while driving and stuck in traffic with the windows down, but if you ever want to plan a hot and heavy night with your significant other, don’t netflix and chill, choose this audio book.

Now I must warn you, if BDSM is not your thing, do NOT listen. This is not fairy tale! This is a small exploration into a world few dare to travel. And I enjoyed the journey.

Happy Reading!

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