Just A Quick Check In

Five ebooks, and one audiobook completed after my first week of vacation.

Audiobook : Neanderthal seeks Human


  1. Sins by Judith Gould
  2. Can You Keep A Secret By Sophie Kinsella
  3. Magnificent D by Lili Valente
  4. Princess SOS by Sara Page
  5. The Single Dad Arrangement by Tiana Cole

Special shoutout to one of my favourite paperback purchases, “What Crazy Looks Like On An Ordinary Day” by Pearl Cleage.

Shopping my kindle stash has been an amazing experience. I rediscovered old favourites and found a couple new ones.

Plus I am finally catching up on TV shows and much to my friends dismay, I have been binge watching some old classics. Can you say Monk? Now I love living in the Caribbean, but “summer” is not over and I am not going outside unless it is absolutely necessary. I am happy to stay in, relax and rest as much as possible, because winter is coming and that means long hours and minimal rest.

Happy reading!

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