Progress Report – Two Books Down 13 to Go

For the month of June I completed two books. Well one book and one box set of books. My first read was Beast by Pepper Pace and I read it twice, yes twice. I have been searching for this story for years, after I first read it on, and much like the first time I read it, I fell in love with this romantic and funny story about interracial love.

The box set which was a collection of BWWM stories called BWWM Club 5 and features 6 books by women of colour about interracial love. Specifically, black women falling in love with white men (BWWM). All of which I found enjoyable and a good way to pass the time during the quiet periods at work or while relaxing at home.

For this month I am currently working on two books which I started at the end of last month. This first is another interracial romance, and the second a self help guide on social anxiety.

I’ll check in after I finish one of them, but until then happy reading.

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