Not Goodbye, but See You Soon

Recently I attended a retirement party for a colleague and it was unexpectedly hard for me to see her go. I knew it was coming, but in that moment, saying those few words to her in front of everyone, it became very real that I was losing someone who was a very integral part of my work life.

She was a mother and grandmother to us all. For me, she was the reason I started to get my life back on track after my mother died. I had no problem admitting that I am sick, to a room full of people who had no clue I was, and if not for her advice and guidance I would not be alive today.

She was and is the reason I became even more detailed oriented with my work, and even though I do not have the same passion for my job as I once did, she taught me the importance of pushing through the day.

I am more comfortable now with going after my goals and not just living for everyone else. I learned that I need to live for myself and no one else, and to do what it will take to make me happy.

I will truly miss her smile, calm demeanor, and reading the Daily Mail over her shoulder. This is not goodbye for me, but see you soon, because I will visit, I will text, and I will keep her in heart.

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