Kindle and Paperbacks… My Guilty Pleasure

I have a slight addiction. Okay a major addiction. I love Amazon Kindle. Every day I purchase at least one book, and I now have just over 2000 books in my collection.

Now most might think this a very expensive habit, but 70% of those books I paid nothing, nada, zilch, for them. With Kindle I can purchase a book for $0.00, and if it is a part of a series and I thoroughly enjoyed it, then I will invest in the series.

Books have always been my weakness. When I was 12, I discovered a second hand bookstore while walking home from school. Suddenly, it felt like my life had purpose, when I walked in and smelt that dusty book smell. I found my school’s library lacking, so being able to walk into a store and buy a book for $2 or less, was for me a major blessing from God.

Now at the time my daily allowance was $5. So I had to be smart. I cut back on buying snacks, and started selling the other kids pens, paper, marbles, whatever was the trend, I sold. I hustled every week, so that every Friday I could walk into that store and buy books to keep my company over the weekend.

And the best part, was the owner became so familiar with me, that she told me if ever I bought anything and I didn’t enjoy it, I could trade it in for a different book of equal or lesser value. She helped guide me in new genres, and fed my appetite for reading.

I always knew I wasn’t the smartest or the best at making friends, but books helped me escape to a world where I was normal and part of something, and without realising it at the time, helped with my anxiety.

Fast forward to today and I still love books. When I am frustrated, anxious, depressed, happy, sad I buy a book and just read, relax and escape. And I still have a huge collection of paperbacks and hard backs. Electronic books are great but I still love that dusty book smell. Most of the people I know have a tv in their bedroom, I just have piles of books everywhere.

And I still visit my favourite second hand bookstore.


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