How to Build a More Positive You

Rules to live by….

Alexis Chateau

People who know me now mightnever believe it, but there was a time when I wanted nothing better than to pass from this world, and into the next. From age 13 to 17, I really and truly wanted to off myself.

My reasons weremany, and mostly centered around living with an abusive father who also did all he could to disrupt my education. Coupled with teenage hormones, it was a recipe for disaster.

The Negative

Most teenagers would have acted out under those conditions. My worst offence was some black nail polish and dyeing my once reddish-brownish-blondish hair, jet black.

I spent my days buried in books – anything to escape my everyday reality. Then, I spent my nights lying awake, courting death. I just wanted my nightmareto end.

Somehow I managed to stay on honor roll through my school years – part miracle, and part ruthless perseverance on…

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