Why I Traveled Alone

In 2012 I decided to travel. I was
27, and hadn’t been anywhere outside of my country since I was 10. I was tired of listening to friends and co-workers talk about the fun things they do or places they had been. I was tired lying about all the things I had done. I also did not want to spend another birthday with my family pretending I was okay. I was far from okay.

So I took my meagre savings and blew it on a trip. Nothing fancy by anyone’s standards. Just a week on another island where I knew no one, and where no one knew me.

And it was one of the best decisions I had ever made. Most of my colleagues, family and few friends were concerned. After all I was a woman about to travel alone. But I wasn’t scared or worried. I had done my research, found a safe, clean place to stay. Booked my guided Island tours, bought my novels, and a camera. I was ready. From the time I became a teenager, especially a loner teen, I became accustomed to doing stuff on my own. And if I had to be honest, in some cases I preferred it. At the movies I could sit wherever I wanted, pig out if I felt like and watch what I wanted. At the beach I could find a quiet spot and relax. Just be still.

Most have never understood why as an introvert I craved solitude, but honestly it is what has kept me from breaking most of the time. And this trip was to be it.

This trip was to prove to myself that I did not have to keep waiting for that special someone or for my best friend to be free. This was to show me that just like everyone else, I too could live my life.

I felt free.

Watch why women should travel alone.

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