Death and All Its Unanswered Questions

A young 12 year old boy died on Friday, and no one knows why. His death is being treated as a suspected suicide by the police, since he was found hanging in his back yard.

His friends, his family, a small island nation sits shocked. Why would someone so young chose to end his life? Some speculate he was killed and then to cover it, the murderer faked his suicide. Others think maybe he was abused and took the “easy” way out. Some listen to the whispers that all was not well in his home.

Everyone talks of how normal a child he seemed. Always friendly and smiling. Having a meal with his friends families. doing things a normal 12 year old boys does. But one girl, his best friend’s sister, wants everyone to know that she never saw it coming, even though there were times he would say that he would end his life, he always seemed to say it in jest. His neighbours remember him as a polite young man who would always be courteous, even when asking for money or something to eat. They remember him taking care of his little brother. They remember him being excited at going to a mother’s day picnic with one of the more senior lady’s in the neighborhood even though she was not related to him. Her memory of that day was the smile and words of gratitude he had given her for that experience.

All I am thinking is why? Why did she never say anything to anyone before? I do not blame her for his death, when nature calls, in whatever form or fashion she calls you must answer. Why did the neighbours who heard arguments and shouting from his home constantly not report it? But all I want is the truth and peace for his soul, and his family. But for now no one, except for those immediately involved, knows what lead to this young boy dying.

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