Dear Diary

Never more than this moment has it been more apparent to me how different tomboys are treated girly girls.
Maybe it’s just me being jealous or petty or but I just find it amusing and depressing how male customers are drawn to girly girls but seem to almost ignore the tomboy. That is until there is a problem and the tomboy has to step in and solve it. Only then do they notice the tomboy.
But the catch is, they begin to assume the tomboy is a lesbian.
Does no one believe in not judging a book by its cover? I am not saying that all men are guilty of this, but 90 percent that I have observed are.
Why is a woman’s desirability or ability to do a job based on her looks?
But never is it more funny than that moment when the rumor becomes “you were moved from the front line because your not pretty enough”.
As a tomboy when this happened after 12 years in the work force, I found this incredibly humorous. For the first time my outer appearance and mannerisms was a topic, when it has always been an advantage to my employers both past and present. So I embraced it. While I might not be the most feminine or the prettiest, it is my personality and professionalism that keeps the customers happy. As far as I am concerned, as long as I am neat and tidy and maintain my work ethic I will always be happy.
I don’t need skirts and make up. I am confident in my own skin. And to me that is all that matters.

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