Dear Diary..

So my period came on day 10. But a part of me is still worried. I felt nauseous for the past couple days. So I think I will still do a test just to be sure.

Meanwhile my best friend wants to spend less time with me because he claims that we are getting too close and he has demons to fight. I hate that I used to love him. But I understand that he needs space to work on his relationship and that we are two different people right now.

I keep trying to avoid facebook because I am getting tired and depressed seeing all my friends with their photos of theirs happy relationships and weddings and children and I have nothing to show for my life but a string of bad relationships, bad choices and mounting debt.  But I comfort myself with the fact that I got myself into this mess and only I can dig my way out.

Life has to get better. I can make it better. I just have to stop feeling sorry for myself, let go of past hurts and move the f on.

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